Ortis Presents Intestinorm to Healthcare Professionals across Cyprus

The new 100% natural product from Ortis, Intestinorm, with a 99% general satisfaction according to a local consumer survey, was launched to healthcare professionals in Limassol and Nicosia, in early April.

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  May 6, 2022

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Intestinorm is a new product manufactured by Ortis, that is recommended in cases of rapid intestinal function and its action significantly contributes to the restoration of gut flora. The 100% natural product took center stage at two dedicated launch events held for doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists in Limassol and Nicosia, and hosted by M.S. Jacovides, on the 5th and 6th of April respectively. Healthcare professionals, such as gastroenterologists, general practitioners, internists, paediatricians, clinical dietitians and pharmacists attended the events. Mr. Marco Gianfrancesco, Ortis’s Scientific Affairs Lead, led the presentation, pinpointing the supplement’s benefits and its 99% efficacy, thanks to the combination of plants and lactic acid bacteria. The unique advantages it can have for those suffering from irregularly fast transit were highlighted, as well as the products’ rapid rebuilding of intestinal flora.

In addition, during these events, the results from a 2021 consumer satisfaction survey that took place in Cyprus were presented. The study was conducted with the contribution of doctors through questionnaires completed by 120 affected individuals, 49 men and 71 women; 99% of participants stressed that they were satisfied with the product while also claiming to have been relieved of the discomfort they felt.

The brand manager and medical representatives from M.S. Jacovides’ sales team attended the event as well as Ms. Anne Vande Craen, Ortis’s Export Manager for Cyprus.

Ortis offers an assortment of specialized natural products which can be found at pharmacies and online through EvZeen.com, imported and distributed by M.S. Jacovides, part of MSJ Group. 

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