Our Group Companies

The MSJ Group of Companies is a trading organisation with a leading position and prominent status in the healthcare fields in Cyprus, Greece and South East Europe.
The Group’s origin is traced back to 1944 when it started as a pharmacy business in Nicosia, Cyprus. Since then it has expanded rapidly in the pharmaceutical fields as well as in many other related sectors. Today, the MSJ Group enjoys the reputation of a forward-thinking, progressive organisation offering a complete range of product and services portfolio.

MSJacovides.pngM.S. Jacovides & Co. Ltd was established in 1944 initially as a retail pharmacy business, which during the 1960s expanded into a chain of pharmacies in Nicosia. Since then, the company has advanced rapidly and now holds a leading position in the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare markets in Cyprus.

Throughout the past decades the M.S. Jacovides has transformed into a reputable company that specialises in importing, marketing and distributing innovative prescription and non-prescription medicines, dental health, consumer health and organic nutrition, well-known vitamins, food supplements, dermaceuticals, as well as high-tech medical devices, medical disposables, laboratory equipment and supplies; both in the public and private sectors. Today, M.S. Jacovides represents reputable manufacturers of the world’s leading brands.

MSJ Vetagrica.pngVetagrica Ltd was established in 1977 as an importer and distributor of veterinary products from leading global manufacturers, including medicines and pet nutrition products, with a top position in the Cyprus market. The company handles the marketing, sales and distribution of animal health products from research-oriented global manufacturers, offering safe and cost effective products to the Cypriot farmers.

Vetagrica aims to improve the standards of livestock production, minimise livestock losses and prevent and control animal diseases by offering latest technology solutions to its customers.

MSJacovides Hellas.png

M. S. Jacovides Hellas S.A. was established in Athens in 1982 and today markets and distributes medical devices in the fields of blood transfusion, cardiac surgery, gastroenterology and advanced patient care with applications in sterilization, general surgery, anaesthesia, intensive care, advanced wound care, as well as in interventional cardiology & radiology. The company currently employs 45 highly qualified professionals with extensive training and experience, strong academic background and deep knowledge of the Greek medical device market. M. S. Jacovides covers directly with its Sales & Marketing team in Athens and Salonica all public hospitals throughout Greece as well as major private clinics.

The company implements a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 (Bureau Veritas) and is also among a few local independent companies that carry a TRACE International certification. M. S. Jacovides Hellas is located in a modern 3350m2 building, which constitutes the MSJ Group’s privately owned headquarters, in the business area of Halandri in the northern part of Athens, Greece.

MSJ Lifepharma.pngLifepharma (Z.A.M.) Ltd was established in 2002 and represents the alliance between three pre-existing companies with a history of several decades in the pharmaceutical and healthcare business in Cyprus. As of March 2006, Lifepharma (Z.A.M.) Ltd has been incorporated into MSJ Group. The company represents reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers of prescription medicines, as well as renowned global manufacturers of baby nutrition and medical/clinical nutrition.

Lifepharma (Z.A.M.) Ltd also imports, markets and distributes well-known over the counter (OTC) products and dietary supplements and has invested significantly in recent years for the expansion of its business through pharmacies and other retailers. As of February 2015, Lifepharma expanded its operations by establishing its veterinary division, Lifevet.  

MSJ Agrolan.png


Agrolan Ltd was established in 2010 as an importer and distributor of a wide range of high quality plant protection and public health products destined to prevent and control plant diseases, increase plant welfare, improve the standards of farm production and minimize losses. The company employs a team of experienced and skilled managers and agronomists supported by a financially solid organization, utilizing modern productivity tools and resources aimed at increasing sales growth and maximizing market penetration. Agrolan aims to achieve and maintain a leading position in the fields of plant protection and public health by providing innovative, high quality and cost saving services and products to Cypriot professional and amateur plant breeders.