Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

With corporate responsibility at the core of our corporate culture and an integral component of our strategy, MSJ Group focuses on promoting the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

By operating in the Health sector, MSJ Group is continuously pursuing the promotion of wellbeing and the improvement in quality and every aspect of life.

Such activities include supporting organisations and social groups with active presence in the healthcare sector that contribute to society through various actions, provision of services, information and awareness-raising campaigns on different health topics.

The core principles of MSJ Group are: professionalism, ethos, honesty and transparency. These are reflected in the Group’s relationships with all the key stakeholders, such as our partners, the healthcare professionals, the employees of the Group, and the society as a whole.

In particular, the Group invests in the quality of the work environment, and especially in continuous professional development and in trainings of health and safety at the workplace. We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. Today, MSJ Group employs 400 people in Cyprus and Greece, offering them equal opportunities regardless of age, gender or nationality. We have a gender-balanced workforce, with the majority having a high education background.

MSJ Group is also actively involved in educational initiatives, entrepreneurial programs, and offers university scholarships to medical students. Additionally, the Group supports local health institutions, animal care and protection associations and sports clubs.

Within the framework of CSR activities, one of the main priorities of MSJ Group is the protection of the environment, through a range of activities such as the recycling of paper, plastic, glass and batteries, and the replacement of our premises lighting with LED bulbs. 

The Group’s longstanding commitment to environmental issues is evident by the fact that M.S. Jacovides & Co. Ltd is a founding member and shareholder of Green Dot (Cyprus) Public Co. Ltd.